We are delighted to announce that, following on from the success of the inaugural three S + D Mentorship Award musicals (The Wicker Husband, Re-Animator and the ongoing The Season), MTI have generously agreed to co-fund the next three Mentorship recipients.

After the success of this year's BEAM, in collaboration with MMD, we have decided that the most sensible way forward is to alternate each BEAM year with an S + D Mentorship Award year. This will give members more time to prepare their first draft scripts, it will enable BEAM participants time to further develop their musicals to a full script stage, and it will relieve pressure on the MMD organisers, readers and judges who this year had a mountain of scripts to assess.

We are enormously grateful to MTI for their faith in the Mentorship program and for effectively funding it until 2024!

The next Mentorship Award winning musicals will be announced at the SSSPOTY gala in Spring 2020, then 2022 and then 2024 and submissions will be invited in November 2019, November 2021 and November 2023 respectively.

The S + D prize for Best New Song will continue on an annual basis with the SSSPOTY gala.

We are personally very excited with the way the first three teams of Mentees have worked with us on their musicals, and hope you will join us for the labs and showcase of The Season later in the year.

You can read more about the Stiles + Drewe Prize here www.stilesanddrewe.com/prize