Now in its 9th year, we received 127 entries for the Best New Song Prize 2016. Congratulations to the 12 finalists (listed in alphabetical order below)! The winner will be announced on the 15th May at a gala at the Novello Theatre. Tickets and further information will be available shortly.

Back To School from Heart Of Winter by Tim Connor
Echoes from The Guinea Pig Club by Craig Adams & Andrew Doyle
Fly from Luz Y Amor by Spencer & Shenelle Williams
How Did I Get Here? from The Wrong Box by Rowland Brache & Richard Voyce
Little Wooden Horse from Odd by Matt Winkworth and Chris Bush
More To Life from Silent Voices by James Burn
My Wicker Man from The Wicker Husband by Darren Clark
Rivets from The Escapade of the Burmese Burglary by David Perkins, Dominic Male & Joseph Male
The Driving Lesson by Heart Of Winter by Tim Connor
Wallpaper Girl from Wallpaper Girl by Rebecca Applin & Susannah Pearse
Watching The Door from Van Winkle by Caroline Wigmore
What I’m After from Unraveling by Roxanne Lamendola, China Doll (Rossella Lamendola, Renata Annati, Matt Annati) & Leah Fogo