Ahead of next week's showcase presentation of The Wicker Husband (inaugural winner of our MTI Mentorship Award) at The Other Palace, we're completely thrilled to announce the brilliant cast!

This one-off showing by Darren Clark (music and lyrics) and Rhys Jennings (book) features a cast including Tyrone Huntley as the Wicker Husband and Olivier Award-winners Rebecca Trehearn (Tailor's Wife) and Clive Rowe (Old Basket Maker).

The cast is completed by Anne-Marie Piazza (Ugly Girl), Sebastien Torkia (Tailor), Roger Evans (Cobbler), Elexi Walker (Cobbler's Wife), Loren O'Dair (Innkeeper's Wife) and Jamal Andréas (Innkeeper). The presentation will be directed by Charlotte Westenra with musical direction by Mark Aspinall.

MMD members are able to attend the event - please contact MMD for more information.

For more information on our Mentorship Award, please visit www.stilesanddrewe.com/prize/